Looking for a Pool Cleaning Service in Melbourne, FL or Brevard County?

Enjoy crystal clear water every day of the week when you call Premier Coastal Pool Services

How often do you go to take a dip in the pool, only find it coated in slime and leaves? By the time you get done cleaning it, the desire for a leisurely swim is gone. Make sure your pool is always ready for you to take a dip with Melbourne, FL's top pool cleaning service.

Premier Coastal Pool Services offers a weekly pool cleanings. Keep your water clear and safe by setting up a pool cleaning service today.

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Don't waste another weekend cleaning your pool

Delegate all your pool maintenance chores to Premier Coastal Pool Services of Melbourne, Florida. Our pool cleaners will...

  • Scrubbing of tiles along waterline
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Testing and balancing of pool chemicals
  • Brushing of pool walls
  • Skimming the surface
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning the filtration system (approximately every 6 weeks)
  • Cleaning salt cells (approximately every 3 months)
  • Chemicals provided to balance chemicals within recommended ranges

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